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[23 Feb 2009|12:55am]

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Freaks and Geeks look alikes [16 Feb 2009|04:34pm]

Just got into this and I'm enjoying it thoroughly.
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1990's portrait [16 Feb 2009|04:43am]


I have a 2D design project that I haven't started yet nor do I have the tools for due tomorrow uh oh!

Also: Some print updates.


If it bothers you and want it under a cut just tell me. My feelings won't be hurt!

Time fer bed.
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[15 Feb 2009|03:02am]
[ mood | BLISS ]

Making a hundred bucks in tips is fun, seeing Japanther with John is fun, breaking my glasses, seeing Tina, printing with a cheap enlarger, watching the office, drumming with flaming sticks, reading Matt and Ian's entries, meeting Dan Patrick, 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Fanta and Angry Whoppers, and playing ukulele is also fun.

THIS on the other hand, is not so fun.

Hope yall had a good V-day.


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Adventure [01 Feb 2009|09:59am]
i: I get out of work around six o'clock hoping to pick up a Macbook Pro in Brooklyn. I was supposed to meet somebody off of craigslist to buy my old laptop so that I'd have enough money. Turned out, dude flaked so I'm short 600 dollars which after pleading, Matt Commiso lent to me.

I: By now, I'm pretty late but at least I had the full 1200 and fifty dollars in case. Time was running around 7:30 and the next train to the city was at eight and I had to go to AT&T to pay my phone bill so I just left the money on my mom's bed so that she'd pay via VISA but that's irrelevant right now. Nobody was up for going with me so I went out on my own, completely oblivious to NYC Subways because I'm a fuxing noob. I finally arrive at the Penn Station around 9:30 and by that time, my phone was about to die. Sucks because I had the NY Subway jawns in Google Maps on my iPhone.

II: After getting on the A line, my phone died so from there, I tried to wing it. It was a good thing I wrote down the address and phone number of the dude on a piece of paper before hand (at least I thought it was a good idea. We'll get to it later). I looked at maps and asked people and everybody said different things. For some reason I get off the subway and decided to take a cab and the dude didn't know where it was. And knowing him, he'd take the longest way possible to rack up the cash so after five dollars I peaced out and stole his pen. It was a pretty sick pen.

III: I finally meet somebody useful that didn't give me wrong directions or snub me so I'm heading the right way. By this time it was around ten or ten thirty and I got off the stops and transfers yadadyaydaydya and I by this point, I'd have to take the bus to the place. I couldn't find the bus I needed so I ask some random couple walking down the street and the girl offered to split a cab to the place and it actually ended up to be like five dollars so that was pretty sweet. She actually lived a block away so she just pointed the way and I finally arrived.

IV: Around 1:00 AM (how????). I ring the bell and nobody answered so I'm like, fux. Wow. Fux. So I asked some hipster fux walking down the street to use her phone to call the dude since I wrote it down earlier. No pick up. I ring the bell one more time (I know I'm being obnoxious but hey, it'd suck to get all the way there and nothing come out of it). Two dudes walk out and I'm like, "Hey, do you know who Sean Evans is?" And he's like,
    "yeah." And I say,
    "Hey, I'm Darin. Sorry it took me so long I got lost around the city and it was horrible trying to get here without the F train (because they're actually renovating some stuff so they actually idunno. I just know they're doing some maintenance so this weekend is all fuxed up). He's like,
"It's one thirty in the morning, sorry you came all this way." So I asked,
    "Oh you sold it?". And he replied,
   "No, but you kept me waiting all this time." And I said,
   "Really? I came all this way," and he said
   "sucks," and went back inside. I got so angry I said,
   "Sorry about me interrupting you two fellaeshing each other (verb of fellatio. Very lame but I didn't know what to say).

V: I walk a few blocks and ask an old dude who left his running car where the nearest subway to Penn Station and it ended up being really far. I thought about stealing his car and driving there and leaving a note along the lines saying "sorry, I need this. here's ten bucks" because my legs were weak. I didn't though. I finally get to the station and the next train was at 5:13am and It was between two and three at that point. I had nothing better to do but strike up conversations with people practicing my french accent. That passed the time as I talked to some dude about how he has to lose weight because he and his sister are having a contest. He has to lose weight and she has to go to sleep and wake up normal hours because apparently, she nocturnal like me. Then I talked to some old dude and how he saw murders and stuff and how the cops are lame. Flawless french accent by the way.

VI: Only fifteen minutes until the train back home depart so I decide to get a cup of coffee before heading home. I stood in line behind this girl and I'm looking at my money and she says she likes my glasses. Being socially awkward around cute girls I replied "Thanks, I got them from Lens Crafters." and paid for my caffine. She got her coffee and by the time I realized she was waiting for me to get mine so she can probably talk more, I walked away looking at my feet without saying anything and went to the tracks only to realize it had just left. Oops! Craigslist Missed Connections here I come!

VII: Waiting for the 6:13 train, I sat down and read my book when some dad and little son comes sit next to me. He sees the original American flag somewhere and his dad says something about how that was the first official American flag. Before they left, without saying anything to them before, I said, "Leezen tu yaugh dad, hees preghty smat".

Epilogue: That was the worst/best experience hahaha. I got to talk to a bunch of strangers and didn't really care what I said because who knows when the next time I'll see them again. But that dude's a douche. I'm about to prank call him every night at 3am because I'm up that late anyways. Also, I love drawing people when they're asleep. I have work at twelve, lets see how that goes.

Some drawings during said adventure.Collapse )
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[14 Jan 2009|06:00am]
This album, "Country Falls" by Husky Rescue. oh man

Ross and I saw Ben Butts today. I also bought Marabou Stork Nightmares.

I took a walk

See yall in the Spring!

Help me out and find out what song this is!

Here are a few photos I enjoy looking at.

Ross took these

Some time during the Philly's riot


Also genuis

Too gnarly

Things to do tomorrow:

-Cash check and deposit in bank
-Work 4:30-10
-Develop a roll of film before going to work so the negatives will be dry by the time I get back.
-Scan said negatives
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Yo... [02 Dec 2008|03:40am]
You guys seriously made me feel like a champ this weekend AWEE! I meant everything I said during the toast(s). luffyaluffya!!~~

I have a four page singled space paper on a live jazz performance that I never got to go to due tomorrow. Perfect.

Here are some old shites!

I've been listening to Neil Young and Motown/Soul songs all day mmmmmmmmm
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I'm back! [25 Nov 2008|01:10am]

I've been neglecting this. But it doesn't mean I'm not reading your journal entries.

TAKE TWO.Collapse )

I started wating 30 Rock. It's a good show!

Also, yesterday was Christie's birthday. Wednesday is D's. Saturday's is my dad's. The day after is mine and cousin's. THEN the day after that is either Liz Matthew's or Liz Dunham's birthday (forget which one). Then Polly and Devon's January birthdays but that's far from now.
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[24 Sep 2008|01:54pm]
September is a bad month for me. Last year I got three tickets and got in a crash. This year I've been sick and there's an endless list of things that are wrong with my car. I'm going to have to agree with green day on this one and wake me up when September ends. L.O.L.

There's an exception though. Today. Once in a while I'll have a good day which is totally bitching right now to compensate for this lousy month. I got my math test back (which I totally aced), my debit card came in so I don't have to mooch Polly and Ross' bank accounts whenever I need something online, dropped off a hundred sixty dollars in the bank, and I also finally got what I was stuggling with in math. Which is factoring trinomials, which I learned back in eleventh grade. I haven't had a math class since then! Also, instead of driving to Wawa's and spending $5.07 on a sandwich and mountain dew, I went to the school's common building. There I had the sickest turkey wrap and sat and chatted with this girl I had a crush on who dropped the only class we had together earlier this month. And we're meeting sometime this week again because she has my umbrella. I'm swinging by the library later to swap ukulele's with Yapes soon too.

I'm about to take a nice poop and go to class. Piece!

EDIT: Also I'm going ot have a bunch of photos from camping from about a month ago posted when I get home. L.O.L

Nevermind I'll just post some now.Collapse )
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[09 Sep 2008|09:53pm]
I ran out of gas today in front of a gas station and an amish man helped me push it to the pump.
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It's raining pretty bad and I have to deliver pizzas. [06 Sep 2008|03:19pm]

Were all waiting or the power to go out.

Posted by ShoZu

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[02 Sep 2008|10:16pm]
I got a new phone! So if you want to leave your phone number, dewit! Comments will automatically be screened so you don't have to worry about that.

Also if you want as an option you can leave your address also so I can send you letters and such or stand outside your house and look through the windows, peace!
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Weekend [18 Aug 2008|01:59pm]

More to come but I have to go some class so I can open up a new bank account. Because my credit is low.
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lounge [11 Aug 2008|06:36pm]
[ mood | lounge ]

Word, I just got a fisheye.

PIzza stories:

-I got cut off by some dude in a benz and right after he pulled off so he can put his top down on the convertible.

-The other day I was in the shop while my boss was chilling near the door looking outside. He then screamed, "Oh my God! Jay, Darin!" and he bolted. By the time I got the door he was already across the street. Apparently he saw a woman get out of a truck screaming at the driver. Then the driver put the car into reverse trying to run over the lady but she dodged it. Then he put it in drive and peeled out and hit her sending her flying at least seven feet. And now my boss has to testify against the dude for attempted murder. Word. The whole story is in yesterday's Trentonian if you want to read more or something.

-Chris Ingram leaves soon and he made working fun.

-I got like 12 dollars tips all day. Lawrence sucks.
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Look at what I came home to. [04 Aug 2008|06:59pm]

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[03 Aug 2008|03:05pm]

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Delivery stories [29 Jul 2008|11:20pm]
Today I delivered to a motel on Route 1. It was that sketchy motel on the right if you're heading towards the mall. After the transaction had taken place I headed back to my car and some heavily tattood guy was walking towards my car asking if I was delivering from the Papa John's on Whitehead Road and I said yes. Then he asked if he can get a ride because his house is across the street. I really wanted to say no and gtfo of there but for some reason I said okay so he walks off somewhere real quick and tell me he'll be right back. I stash my $200+ from deliveries into the lockbox between my seat locked it up incase things were going to go down. He showed me a pretty gross gash he got from work (he's a construction worker working near the motel). It was weird and after I made a u-turn he started talking about how his son died the other day. Then he got a call during the ride and I'm guessing it's his wife because he was comforting them and saying I love you a bunch of times. Then he made a few calls and I saw his face go sad and he told me his bank closed on him and how he has no bills on him and now he can't afford the money for the flowers he was going to bring to his son's funeral or something. I felt real bad and would have offered some bucks but the only money I had was Papa John's delivery money that didn't belong to me because I filled my car up with gas earlier. I dropped him off and he said thanks a lot and hopes I do well in the photography field. I didn't even talk to him about it but I guess he saw all the cameras in my car. I guess I shouldn't be too trustworthy with people but for some reason I'm kind of glad I gave the dude a ride. Even if it was only ten minutes away.

I feel like taking more photos. The way I use to take photos.
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[23 Jul 2008|10:24am]
I parked my car on a side street because we're getting our driveway done and a tree branch fell on it. Sweet.

It's not that bad but still. What the eff. Funny because I woke up in the middle of the night and heard the wind and rain and I thought to myself, good thing I parked on the side street, I would have gotten stuck in the mud in the morning (my parents parked in the backyard).

My scientific analysis.

Today, I delivered pizzas in minivan. Also, I'm ready to shoot that full length film. I just need Ross to be back from Minnesota. Also, I'm always bored without him.
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"There you go, seven eleven." [16 Jul 2008|12:05am]

I look like a little kid delivering pizza for fun.

Ten deliveries + $46.00 in tips tonight.

And suprisingly I already knew a lot of people that work there!
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"yo, you're funny, yo." [14 Jul 2008|10:17pm]
this photo isn't as funny if you don't watch the video under it.

click for larger

yeah, i laugh like a horse. or a walrus. but only when i'm truely cracking up beyond control.
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